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Yui Onodera
is a composer/musician/sound artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He studied music and architecture. After working as an architectural acoustic designer, he founded the Critical Path. He has provided the music for films, tv, contemporary dance/Butoh, and sound design for projection mapping, interior facilities in the car and various spaces. His work connects the points between a bewilderingly diverse array of genres – a partial list would include sound design, film scores, contemporary composition, electronic/acoustic music, architectural acoustic design.
He’s previously released records on and/OAR, Baskaru and Serein and several compilation tracks on labels as Progressive Form and Home Normal among others. In addition to his solo activities, he pursues projects with diverse artists for continually see to break new ground. His latest musical project with Mizkami Ryuta is called Reshaft (Comfortzone).

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soundcloud: /yui_onodera |  facebook: /yuionodera.criticalpath |  twitter: @yui_onodera

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